The Lincoln Memorial Facts

The Lincoln Memorial Facts

Many people in Washington DC and all over the USA understand the story behind the Lincoln Memorial. 

 This hot monument is home to several statues, including Abraham Lincoln's, memorial to those who have been brave enough to sacrifice their lives to the liberty of the USA.

The Lincoln Memorial
In 1863, General Ulysses S. Grant had to find a way to end the American Civil War. His very best chance was a force of about a million men being directed by General Robert E. Lee. Using this amazing amount of men and equipment, the General confronted General Lee and his men.

Throughout the Battle of Antietam, General Lee lost a Watch and one of his arms. Though General Lee was wounded and most of his army decimated, the General refused to surrender and continued the fight.

Finally, General Lee's troops were defeated. Grant ordered that General Lee is recorded and executed. Lee asked a prisoner of war exchange with Grant but had been refused.

Knowing the spirit of the General 

he moved on to tell General Grant of his plan to end the war. Grant was concerned about the protection of soldiers, not just his own personal guys. He decided that a gathering point and resting place for all soldiers would make sense, to let them rest and recover while on a campaign.

Since there were not any cemeteries or graveyards in Washington DC, General Lee created a burial ground in the grounds of the White House. As time went on, the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool was made by Thomas Jefferson. The pool was designed to allow people to look at the life of Lincoln.

The Lincoln Memorial Facts: 

It Is about Lincoln and the American Revolution. A more compact version of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, this replica indicates the first time Lincoln went from his home in Springfield, Illinois to the White House to explore the need for a national bank.

The Lincoln Memorial Facts: The Lincoln Memorial Facts Contains many Intriguing stories. Of course the story of Abraham Lincoln, his leadership in the Civil War, is certainly among the most well known. Along with the Statue of Liberty represents the Statue of Liberty was originally meant to represent.

The Lincoln Memorial Facts: The Lincoln Memorial Facts Contains many intriguing details. There are times when pupils ask questions that involve the structure of the memorial itself. The truth concerning the Memorial are usually so long and complicated, that students often leave school without ever fully grasping them.

The Lincoln Memorial Facts: 

Additional Important Elements of the Lincoln Memorial Will Be the cost as Well as the methods of building. The Memorial has received criticism over the years for its expense, but it was built using funding allocated by Congress. Also, but the version used to build the Memorial, was really free and donated by the United States.

The Lincoln Memorial Facts: The Lincoln Memorial Facts is some of the most interesting. It is thought to be the most popular tourist attraction in the United States. But were you aware that the Memorial also contains a memorial to people who have given their lives in defense of the nation?

The Lincoln Memorial Facts is yet another important element to remember. They're vital to the preservation of the ideals of the founding fathers. The Lincoln Memorial Truth are meant to educate the public and provide others the chance to learn about our state's greatest leader.
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