How Strong Is the Transamerica Pyramid?

How Strong Is the Transamerica Pyramid?

Built in 1853, the Transamerica Pyramid stands as one of the most modern and beautiful skyscrapers in the city. But it is also a glaring target for crime, because of its modern design.

Transamerica Pyramid

Many are of the opinion that the Transamerica Pyramid is not earthquake proof, but this is far from the truth. We often forget that structures are not bullet proof. And the exact same thing applies to the Transamerica Pyramid.

The Pyramid has an amazing engineering structure that is structurally sound. Many of the photos you will see online are taken from a couple of the many earthquakes that have occurred in the past. These happenings have shown the Transamerica Pyramid to be surprisingly resilient.

Many traditional designs would buckle under the stress of an earthquake, but this structure stands firm, and provides much more support than one might think. One of the reasons for this structural support is its unique design, which allows the building to rise up to about 84 feet off the ground.

These features allow the building to absorb shock better, and when combined with the concrete slab under the building, the building acts as a frame for a sturdy support system. There are many other reasons why the Pyramid can withstand earthquakes, and one of them is its unique architecture.

When an earthquake takes place

, we often see major changes take place in our buildings. Buildings with sharp edges, rough edges, steep angles and awkward angles will all be exposed to earthquakes, so the building should be designed for these types of damage.

While this may seem like a good idea, if there are a lot of changes to the exterior of the building, it makes it more vulnerable to destruction. So the design of the Transamerica Pyramidis completely different from other buildings in the area. Instead of sharp corners, the sides of the building have rounded edges, allowing the building to cut through the air.

Earthquakes cannot easily smash straight into these rounded edges, so there is less chance of a collapse. And since the outside of the building is not , it allows even more structural support.

If the Transamerica Pyramid is actually as strong as it is said to be, then it would definitely be strong enough to withstand earthquakes. However, this is not the case.

In an article published in 2020,

 it was stated that the building has not been built to withstand earthquakes, and that the structural features were either downplayed or ignored by modern science. However, modern science says otherwise.

Some websites offer free information on seismic resistance, and when you compare the information you will find that the Transamerica Pyramid is one of the strongest structures available in New York City. This includes the helical interior columns.

The building has been built to resist the movements that occur inside it, while the outer portions have a very straight shape, to reduce the strength of the building. If you want to learn more about this building and seismic issues, you can check out this website.
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